I would like to offer this paraplegic raised toilet seat as a product to form a pilot program around.  To be run by disabled veterans. Let the veterans form a business LLC to manufacture and sell the seat. They would become LLC members, the amount of each membership would be according to their contributions. This is a good profitable product which would allow the LLC to become a stable business.

The veterans would learn “hands on” the functions and interrelationships of all departments of a business. They would have the opportunity to learn

 Inventoryhandicapped seat 3handicapped seat 2handicapped seat 1
 Design
 Manufacturing
    Welding, sheet metal fabrication, assembly
 Purchasing
 Shipping
 Marketing
 Sales
 Personnel  

All of which are departments needed to produce a product. Not shown is using the computer to accomplish them. And why the departments need to interact with each other.

As a small company it possibly could develop into a business training facility. In a large business it is difficult to see how the various departments relate and compliment each other. Because as a small business, the members will have had the opportunity to see  the interalinships of how all departments mesh with each other in all phases of a business, they would be an asset when moving to a larger company.

The handicapped raised toilet seat is a completely designed product that I had on the market some years ago. I designed and built the seat for Bob Kimes, a paraplegic friend.. Bob marketed the seat as part of a handicapped room he sold to hotels. Bob is long dead, however I probably still have parts to build 50 seats.  These parts - fixtures - and everything else will probabilly go to the dump when I die.

If we can get some sort of program going, I will supply the parts I have, the part prints, the jigs and fixtures to build them, cost projections, inventory records, supplier lists, and whatever else I can to help our disabled veterans get a business operational.

As this business expands and becomes profitable, there would be room for more vets. When there is room for more products, I will help find and develop them.

Thank You,

Carl Morsbach
N3765 County Road N
Arkansaw WI 54721
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